Without a Will...... 

Your estate will be disposed of under the rules of intestacy which almost certainly means that

  • The distribution of your estate will be delayed by months, possibly years
  • Your spouse may not inherit the whole of your estate
  • Relatives you would not choose to benefit may well do so
  • Your minor children may well be looked after by guardians you would not have chosen
  • Your children may have to pay inheritance tax – often known as a ‘voluntary tax’
  • Your home may have to be sold to meet care costs

DIY Wills – Please don’t!

It’s tempting to try and cut the cost of drawing up a Will by buying a kit from a stationer. But why should you pay a little extra to a professional Willwriter?
Many home made Wills create more problems than they solve.

Can you still think of a good reason why you shouldn’t make a Will?
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